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Air Intake and Outlet Rubber Cleaner Hoses

IPI’s automotive air intake and emissions engine rubber hoses are engineered with the latest technologies and superior materials and developed in partnership with the top automotive manufacturers around the world.
Adding oxygen or air improves engine performance. If you have less air than the specified requirements, your engine will not be able to run at peak power and will need more fuel to run. The intake hose creates an airtight intake system. So there are some things to consider when making an intake hose as shown below.

The dimensional accuracy of the intake hose is very important. Therefore, the manufacturing process must be controlled to meet the requirements of the original design.

You should consider the following factors:

  • The operating temperature of the equipment or vehicle in which the hose is used
  • the working environment of the equipment or vehicle
  • Required flexibility and vacuum resistance
  • Resistant to ozone, UV light, or chemicals
  • Vibration and mounting requirements

Hose style
When it comes to rubber intake hoses, there are different styles in molded hoses (such as radiator hoses), lightweight, convoluted, heavy duty, serpentine hoses, and elastic hoses. Each design/style has features that can improve the performance cost of your installation, and your needs may dictate which one is best for your application.

Although we primarily manufacture hoses for the automotive industry, our these come in a variety of shapes and sizes for domestic, agricultural, landscaping and light duty applications. Industrial applications may require light to heavy duty hoses. Typical applications for our rubber hoses include:

Radiator hoses 

  • Resistant to coolants at high temperatures

Fuel hoses

  • These hoses have low fuel permeability to reduce and control hydrocarbon emissions.

Air hoses

  • That are used underwater to carry air from the air tank to the surface.

Industrial hoses

  • For fuel and oil, air hoses, steam hoses, refrigerant hoses.
Premium quality of rubber bellows

Rubber Bellow

Rubber bellow is a very important part of automotive steering systems. These are designed to keep dirt and debris away from the rack and are cylindrical and available in a variety of sizes, shapes, constructions, and elastomer-coated fabrics to meet the needs of various vehicle applications. Since bellows are designed in different ways, they easily expand and contract, and are highly valued for their excellent cushioning effect. They are used to protect and cover various machine parts such as feed screws, shafts, guideways, pistons, cylinders, etc. from dust and other foreign matter, to extend their service life.

Our man-made and natural rubbers protect shafts and act as shock absorbers for joints. Widely used in electrical, automotive and construction industries, our products are highly praised by customers in the national market for their weather and heat resistance, superior quality, high performance and durability.

Depending on end-use requirements, these are made from a variety of synthetic polymers such as:

  • SBR
  • Neoprene
  • HNBR

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPM, EPDM) and others.

It is also important to understand:

  • ¬†Materials used in the construction of the bellows ( For example, the inner rubber should be suitable for oil, grease and grease and the outer material should be sensitive to conditions such as UV and ozone)
  • Shapes (square, round, square, conical, C-shaped, hexagonal, octagonal, polygonal, etc.)
  • Inner diameter of bellows
  • Outer diameter of bellows
  • Free or unloaded length of bellows along the convolution
  • The spring constant or spring force applied by the bellows;

Our rubber bellows are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit multiple automotive and general industrial applications. Below are some of the industry sectors/applications where they are used.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)



Motion coupling

Electrical contacts


Affordable rubber boots

Rubber boots

IPI’s innovative line of automotive boots help extend the life of critical chassis systems, improve vehicle and occupant safety, and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Superior design, precision manufacturing and modern materials ensure maximum protection, flexibility and performance. Single and multi-wave rubber boots are used for protective seals on joint sockets, ball-height joints and shafts. The durability, temperature and chemical resistance of our elastomers enable compact and inexpensive boot designs, resulting in lighter vehicles and improved fuel efficiency. IPI offers a wide range of boots and dust covers for a wide range of automotive and general industrial applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Front and rear half shaft CVJ boots for stern and inboard engines
  • Stabilizer link dust cover bellows
  • Steering rack and pinion boots
  • Suspension dust cover bellows, jounce bumpers, rebound bumpers, and air springs
  • Transmission propeller shaft boots

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Plot No: 585, Industrial Phase 9, SAS Nagar.
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