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Rubber Bush and Protectors

A rubber bush (sometimes called a rubber bushing or shock absorber) is a type of vibration damper that provides a flexible interface between two rigid parts. The rubber of the shock absorbers acts as a buffer that absorbs and dampens the energy generated by the interaction of these two parts. It separates the parts and allows limited  movement, minimizing vibration and noise.

Suspension that is stiff and maximizes  the tire’s grip on the road requires a hard bushing with very little ground clearance. Alternatively, a soft bush with a low Shore Hardness value produces less noise, but may impair vehicle handling. Finding the right balance is therefore crucial, which is why all IPI bushings are designed to provide the optimum hardness value for both better handling and reduced noise and vibration. Advantages of using rubber bushings:

Suitable for all vehicles:

  • IPI rubber bushings are suitable as mechanical connections for road and rail vehicle suspensions, wishbones, engine mounts, transmission mounts and cabin mounts.

Better safety and comfort while driving:

    • The rubber of the shock absorbers plays a decisive role in the safety and comfort of the vehicle while driving. It is used to position and orient suspension and steering components. These include shock absorbers, sway bars, steering linkages and torsion bars.

Minimized vibration noise:

  • The rubber of shock absorbers can minimize vibration noise and eliminate the need for lubrication. Therefore, they are often preferred over solid joints. Rubber bushings are also excellent shock absorbers, vibration dampers and wear resistance.

Minimizing Vibration Damage:

    • Repetitive vibration can damage suspension systems,  weakening that type of system and the surrounding structure. An effective rubber sleeve prevents this, minimizing vibration and resulting damage.

Shock absorbing rubber bushing ensures long life without maintenance:

      • Shock absorbing rubber can be optimized and adjusted to ensure specific stiffness properties in different directions. Automotive rubber bushings can also provide articulation with twisting, conical movements where other anti-vibration products may not.
Caps and Sleeves

Cap and Sleeves

A sleeve is the basic form of a coupling. Our rubber sleeves and caps can be manufactured in various shapes, sizes and materials depending on the application. They can be used for various applications like covering joints, insulating various mechanical parts and electrical applications, covering funnels, etc.

This product can be manufactured in virtually any size and specification to meet your specific needs. We offer a wide range of materials for making rubber sleeves, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Which material is most suitable depends entirely on the application or unique requirements. However, we always use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our products.

Some of the material compounds available are:
•Natural Rubber

Some Applications for our Rubber Caps and Sleeves:

  • Automotive components- Engine, Suspension, Steering and Anti- Vibration
  • Product transfer
  • Milling
  • Packaging Lines
  • Sorting
  • Conveying
  • Dispensing
  • Screening
Best quality of rubber grommets


We offer standard insulation grommets in Nitrile, and we also manufacture high Spec grommets for military applications, vibration mount grommets to protect components from noise & vibration, and other specialty grommets.

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Plot No: 585, Industrial Phase 9, SAS Nagar.
District Mohali. 160 062,
Punjab . India

T : +91 84376 11111



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