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Rubber Pad

IPI’s rubber pad and rubber coil suspension spring is designed to absorb shocks and keep the vehicle at the correct height when driving over rough terrain. The rubber pads on the vehicle pedals feature a superior anti-slip design and are the key to a safer foot control. Our rubber pads are made from high-quality rubber, which makes them more reliable and gives you better riding benefits.

rubber covers by Indian Polymer Industries


IPI manufactures Dust Covers with high temperature, ozone, oil, grease, and resistance used in extreme conditions manufactured in Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, and Polyacrylic (ACM) rubber used in control cable, engine rockers, exhaust systems, and vehicle brake systems.

Machines with multiple moving parts emit significant vibrational energy along with body noise. Our anti-vibration pads effectively dampen or isolate these high frequency vibrations to reduce instability and noise. These pads are made of high quality rubber and have extreme viscoelastic properties that allow them to absorb and dissipate energy without compromising their structural integrity. The use of rubber as the main component reduces manufacturing costs, making anti-vibration pads a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for damping. Industrial use of anti-vibration pads

In the industrial sector, high quality rubber mounts can be effectively used to isolate excessive vibrations from heavy machinery. Pads are most efficient when bolting is not required, for example- Generators, transformers, air conditioning systems.

Additionally, they can be easily operated over a wide temperature range from approximately -40 F to 158 F. These low-cost insulation units can be customized based on thickness and application.

best quality of rubber pipes

Rubber Pipe

We manufacture rubber pipe/tubes with comprehensive specifications for various temperatures, fluids and pressure changes. They are used in water, gasoline and diesel oil lines in extreme environments. Due to the versatile use, these pipes are available in different shapes, sizes and different material brands. Our rubber hoses are used in the following areas:

Automotive industry

  • In the automotive industry, rubber hoses are called hoses or tubing. It is used as fuel lines, radiator pipes, to supply lubricants and as part of cooling systems. The smooth operation of cars depends on the excellent condition of the rubber hoses. Due to the long service life and reliability of rubber hoses, it is the most commonly used method for transporting liquids in cars.


  • Several different types of rubber hoses are used in agriculture. It is used for moving grain, garbage collection and ventilation. Each application requires a specially designed hose. Flexible hose is used to move abrasive materials such as feed, grain and fertilizer. The main purpose of agricultural pipes is ventilation, which ensures adequate air flow for livestock. Agricultural rubber pipes must be resistant to chemicals because many types of chemicals are used in food production and eating.


  • The special conditions of aviation require rubber hoses that can withstand severe weather conditions, radical pressure changes and large temperature fluctuations.
  • Synthetic rubbers, including neoprene, butyl and EPDM, are used in aircraft rubbers to achieve the strength, durability and reliability required by aviation. Aircraft hoses range from 250 psi to 3000 psi


  • Marine applications use a wide range of tubes and pipes as shown in the diagram below. Water pipes are used to pump engine cooling water, flush toilets and cool the air conditioner. The drain pipes are located in the cabin, sink or shower and are resistant to breakage and abrasion.

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Plot No: 585, Industrial Phase 9, SAS Nagar.
District Mohali. 160 062,
Punjab . India

T : +91 84376 11111



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