Modern architecture, spacious and tastefully designed interiors add to the ambiance of the facility which radiates the IPI’s culture of excellence and helping its clients succeed.

IPI is planning to double its existing capacity in FY 2021-22 with installation of more injection moulding machines.
The IPI family of highly skilled and motivated work force is constantly trained to keep pace with the technology, so as to innovate and find the best solution for IPI’s customers.


The entire production floor has been organised to assist efficient flow of material as per the process involved.

Weighing Area

  • Controlled environment chambers
  • Data logged batch storage systems
  • Semi- Automated Chemical weighing systems
  • Failproof FIFO Kanban batch storage
Mixing Area

  • State of the art Automated Kneader
  • Automated mixing blenders
  • Twin screw extruders
  • Automated oil dosage systems
  • Strip cutters
Production Area

  • Desma Injection moulding machines
  • Compression moulding machines
  • Extruders with steam curing systems
  • Spray painting facility
  • Small fabrication and grinding facility
  • Power failure proof
  • Meraki Powered IT infrastructure for extensive ERP systems
Test Lab

  • ODR for Rheology
  • Digital Microscope with dispersion analyzer
  • Computerised UTM with Extension Meter
  • Abrasion Tetsing Machine
  • Electronic Densi Meter
  • High Precision Ageing Oven with data logger
  • Touch Screen LCD Profile Projector
  • Multiple custom and ASTM fixture modules

Awarded Certifications